Benefits of using iRest: A more focused mind.

  • Healthy management of anxiety & stress
  • Awareness of belief system
  • Stronger mental game
  • Develop deeper self-awareness
  • Ability to make changes at the conscious & unconscious level




The Law of Opposites

During iRest we learn to welcome opposing feelings and experience them without attachment or aversion.  Every feeling, emotion, and belief co-arises with its complementary opposite.  When we welcome both opposites simultaneously, we become aware of our true nature.

Working with the Unconscious Mind

Within the conscious mind we are focused on abstract thought, short-term memory, and have a limited ability to process information to only 2000 bits of information per second, handling only a few tasks at a time. When we work with the unconscious mind we deal with concrete-literal information, long-term memory and are able to process 4 billion bits of information per second, handling thousands of tasks simultaneously. When working with students dealing with performance anxiety issues I focus on the following steps within iRest: Setting our Intention, Heartfelt Desire, Body Awareness, Breath Awareness, Feelings & Sensations, Emotions, and Beliefs.

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